Friday, 10 December 2010

Wtf even is a nerve modulation?

I wish I knew.

My consultant wasn't helpful.

I can't understand him. It's scary.

I did ask him but the response I got was, "Ah, I just stick a probe in your neck, there will be much bruising but the probe will affect your nerves and we experiement and see what happens".

Yeah, doesn't that sound like a fun time.

I'm shitting it a lot. Probing of the neck commences this time next week.

I've been advised not to smoke before the operation. I will be smoking. I have also been advised to sleep before the operation. I wont be sleeping. I have also been told not to worry about it. I am worrying.

I fail.

I really hope the nerve modulation doesn't.

It probably will.

Anyone fancy trading places? I think I've changed my mind.

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