Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mouldy Turd Nuggets.

Last night I went to bed (unless you are being technical, in which case I went to bed this morning at silly o'clock) after being up for about 36 hours. I was quite the tired bean. I set my alarm as I usually do.

This morning I woke up to the jolly theme tune from Biker Mice from Mars. I dozed. I dozed again. And then I dozed some more before coming to the nasty conclusion that I really must get up for I had a lecture to go to. I got up. It was more effort than I would have liked. I had my morning cigarette and then I showered. I then started the half hour walk into town. Being a drama student does mean that my lectures are a long way away. I try not to complain. I think happy thoughts about how much fun I will have for three hours before walking back. I purchased my usual pack of twenty, lucozade sport and sandwhich on the way.

I arrived. Ten minutes early, in fact. I was quite pleased with myself. I had a cigarette. I then began to notice a distinct lack of students. I thought nothing of it and had another cigarette and a bit of my drink. But still nobody arrived. I checked the time. I aimlessly wondered around a little. I checked the time again. It was two minutes past one. My lecture was meant to start at one. I contemplated the walk home for a good ten minutes.

I decided to get the bus back. I stood at the bus stop. I waited. I had a cigarette. I waited for 13 more minutes. Buses are meant to pass every 9 minutes. Odd. I'd been waiting at the wrong bus stop. I was not impressed. I walked home in quite a moody manner.

I got back to my room which still contains week-old rice. I checked my emails. I discovered I had no lecture. Well, I could have told myself that before checking my emails quite frankly. I then discovered that this week is apparently "writing week"Wait, "writing week"? what the hell is "writing week"? I mean, seriously, what happened to reading week? I guess it's a drama student thing.

I could have still been lying in bed. Or rather, I could have gone to collect my parcels which contain amazing things. But no, I walked to a lecture that didn't exist and then I walked back. It wasn't a particularly interesting morning. I think the most interesting thing about it was probably the rather clever combination of vulgar words escaping from my mouth.

I'm gonig to bed.

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