Monday, 11 January 2010

Facebook groups.

On a whole, annoy the living poop out of me.

Admitedly, the ocassional few make me chuckle, so I can admit to having jonied a few. I believe I am in a group full of members who appreciate dinosaurs, or at least claim to appreciate dinosaurs - that's good enough for me. I am in groups relevant to my current location, I am in a few groups which come with a clever title which holds a nice amount of truth. And yes, I am also in a few groups which are completely fucking pointless but make me giggle nonetheless.

So, where is this going I hear you ask - the answer is this - to those people who feel the need to invite me to every single bloody group they join themselves. It's funny, these people wont have spoken to me in months or years and probably have no idea who I actually am, let alone what the hell interests or amuses me, but still they assume I will want to join a group - they assume I give a shit about stuff which really I don't care about one teensie little bit.

I mean seriously, do I really want to join a group about a University that I don't even go to? Or about a TV programme I didn't know existed? Or even better about a TV programme I wish didn't exist. "I love Dundee" - I've never been, I wouldn't know, therefore I'm not going to join. "Team Edward" - Fuck off, I'm already in an anti-Twilight group - hint? Apparently not. "Facebook Rots my Brain" - No it doesn't! Your stupidity does! Gah.

Another good one, is when you're invited to a group about a terrible event or someting that's happened and people join because they think it's terrible, and the title of the group will be something along the lines of, "Stop TERRIBLE EVENT from happening, by joining this group!" No. Joining that fucking group is pointless. Joining a group changes nothing, except encourages people to sit on their arses all day thinking they're making the world a better place. I might give a shit, I might care somewhat about the terrible thing that's happened, but if I really cared that much I'd get off facebook and go do something about it.

Now, I don't mind the ocassional invite from the ocassional person every now and then because they genuinely think I might want to join a group. That's cool with me. I'll get over your poor judgement, or just laugh and go, "Hah, why the hell would I join a group about that?" but odds are, if you think I'll want to join, I probably will. The key word here people is "think". Please do before inviting me to join a group.

Two people on facebook are the cause of this blog entry. Those two people got a rather snotty email from me this morning. This brought some amusement to my day.

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