Wednesday, 26 May 2010

No medication can cure the lost.

So, my doctor was pretty surprised yesterday when I told him that my super duper fancy meds aren't actually working. I wasn't shocked at all, personally; I gave up long ago on the idea that medication can fix me. I have a knack for developing things with no cure. Hell, I was born with one for starters.

Hah. Nimnar the Incurable - that should so be a title you can earn on WoW.

After asking me, "So, how's life? How's life really? Is it worth living at the moment? Answer me honestly." Followed by my simple response of, "I don't live, I exist" He decided to up my dose AGAIN. What happened to variation people? It's obviously not wokring. Change your approach. Seriously. I know it's not going to work but hell, it might make me feel better if you're actually attempting to do something. But oh no, this drug is amazing bla bla bla, it will help you soon enough bla bla bla. Well, not if I kill myself before it does anything, Bellend.

Jesus, what the fuck happened to the NHS.

In other news, my sunburn is peeling like a bitch, my kitchen smells vile, I have too much work to do, my lecturer is failing to get back to me about said work, but my toilet is clean.

I freaking love my life.

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