Friday, 10 September 2010

It's that time of year again.

September. I can't stand September. It's a vile month. It's a mutual thing though, so I guess that makes it okay. And as per usual (and as expected) everything seems to have turned to shit once again. It's an annual thing though, so I guess that makes it okay.

Five years since my oh so wonderful nerve condition began. As of yesterday. Wonderful. And just to rub salt in the wound all has flared up again and still no word on my nerve modulation. Wonderful. I'm quite peeved about this.

My university are also fucking me about. Joy. It's a rather complicated situation, which is equally frustrating. A wonderful Catch 22 scenario to be precise. Not enough credits to enrol for third year, but I need to enrol for third year to pick up extra modules. I was told this was fine last semester but apparently they have now changed their minds and nobody really knows what is going on; least of all me. Idiots.

I'm also considering a frontal lobotomy, so if anybody knows of anywhere good please let me know. It's getting a little silly now.

And just to make things worse, I have no cigs so decided it was time to use to baccy. It's a year old. I didn't care, at least not until half way through when I suddenly noticed a rather pungent smell somewhat similar to mouldy dog fart. A word of warning; avoid year old baccy. It's not great.

What a wonderful post to make having neglected my blog for two months.

My mother and the (somewhat relaxed) Internet King are visiting tomorrow though, I'm quite looking forward to this.

And I have a house. This can only be good.

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