Thursday, 15 July 2010

Nasty grudges over trivial issues.

Apparently that's how things work if you're the Internet King / God? I can't remember which. It might even be both, depending on the mood.

The Internet King? BT? AOL? Tiscali? I hear you ask. No. The Internet King is my ginger sibling. Yes, he knoww much about computers and technology and the like so it is kind of an understandable title. But he gave himself the title. I giggled at fisrt. It amused me. Well, it did until I realised that actually it was a serious superiority thing. THE INTERNET KING MUST HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET (or what!? he dies?) It's not quite so dramatic as that, he just gets very, very moody. Understandable. Nobody likes to go without the internet. But at home we have an awful internet connection, it comes with living in a village, you get over it or used to it or whatever. It's annoying but you deal. Unless you are the all powerful Internet King!

Ways the Internet King ovcomes dodgy internet connection:
-bitch at whoever is online and accuse them of streaming / downloading / being greedy, not taking into consideration that the Internet King himself is actually playing his favourite MMORPG, and downloading at the same time whilst talking to his internet buddies on stream.
-restart the router, not taking into consideration that other people are online and possibly in the middle of something.
-altering the settings of the internet so it requires a password to connect, taking into considering that nobody else knows the password. RESULT! If you are indeed IK (Internet King)

So, the first two I can deal with. They are annoying but like I said earlier, you get over it. But yesterday IK puts the third plan into practice thus disconnecting me, hunter and fleenface from the internet. Happy IK. Grumpy siblings and guest. IK does not see problem with what he has done. According the the IK that is not selfish. Or annoying. Or anything, in fact, it is quite acceptable. Now, it woudld be if IK paid for the internet but it is not his internet, it is actually paid for by my father and is meant to be for the whole family. You see the problem!? Good.

So, I explain my problem to the IK who still continues to see no problem with what he has done. So I do the childish thing and decide that if I can't connect to the internet then my brother shouldn't be able to either. I hide the router. I had nothing to lose. I didn't have the internet, if I can't have it then he shouldn't either! Yeah, I went there - I took away the internet from the Internet King! Maybe I shouldn't have, maybe I don't have the right but then again, what right does the ginger one have to naming himself the Internet King.

And I wish I hadn't. It all got very silly, there were elastic bands pinged into my face (ouch) shortly followed by angry dinosaurs hitting IK (ouch, to my hand) and some very daft insults and whatnot. Followed by my mother getting moody at me for taking the router - which incidently I hid in the kitchen because I am fully aware that the router is not mine so I didn't put it in my room. I thought it was foolproof but according to my mother MY behaviour was selfish and inconsiderate!

Gah. I gave up. I put the router back and a few hours later IK decided to turn the internet back on. Problem solved. Issue over. Or so I thought.

Internet King is still not talking to me. Or rather he is but he is offering me no more than one word answers or insults. And is being highly unhelpful and quite rude.

I fail to understand how somebody can get so worked up about the internet, so much so that he refused to give my friend a lift home because of "my behaviour the previous day" Internet King does not only like control over the internet but he also apparently feels it is his right to punish me for something which ultimately was not my fault!

So, if anybody has any ideas on how we can overrule the Internet King they would be much appreciated!

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