Friday, 6 November 2009

Pretty red stamps.

This afternoon I was awoken, not so rudely, by my catalyst, as she gave herself the task of saving my ass. I can quite honestly say that I do not envy her. However, I am ever so grateful, for if I do manage to pass this module credit goes to her.

She was on the phone to me last night for over four hours encouraging /forcing? me to write my assignment, the deadline of which I had already missed. Now, my catalyst blames herself for this personal error, which is a most absurd and silly thing to do. I have told her this many times, but it appears to fall on deaf ears. Regardless, we managed to complete the assignment - I say we, I should probably say she as I was acting more like note-taker whilst she were dictating the plot in small, easy to digest pieces. A slight exagerration? Not really.

The piece of work still needed to be handed in. My plan was to stay awake until the University opened, get the bus to campus and hand in my assignment. My catalyst, fully aware of how my plans often fail me, phones me at one o'clock this afternoon to find me still in bed, half asleep - although comatosed is probably a more accurate description - unwilling to drag my arse out of bed. A good ten minutes later there is little progress but eventually I am coaxed out, but this does not pass without complaint. There is a lot of complaint, consisting mainly of unintelligible grunts.

I am going to thank my Catalyst now for not giving up and putting the phone down on me as I did in fact make it to campus and I did manage to hand my work in. My submission form also got a special stamp. A rather large stamp, which is bright red, and capitalised, and says the following: LATE.

I was proud. I felt catered for. My university makes stamps that are visible to the partially sighted individuals on the planet. Although, I am quite certain that everybody in the room must have seen this stamp also. Yay. Well, I did my service of good will today, I gave everybody else who was handing assignment in a wonderful ego boost. Aren't I nice?

Last night I dreamt of cocaine and rehoming beloved pets (poor Cosmic Freda). That can't be right.

In other news; my poor knuckle is rather swollen and a nice shade of "ick". I am still a miserable cunt. I love my catalyst dearly. And I hate you all*.

* Isn't it amusing. The one person who reads this is excluded from this statement. How ironic. I don't know why I write a blog.

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