Sunday, 1 November 2009

Six hour phone calls

make me very happy.

Nothing much is learned in these conversations, I wouldn't be able to tell you what we actually talk about because it wouldn't actually make much sense and it certainly wouldn't sound very exciting. It's not exciting, it doesn't need to be but it is certainly something with makes my existence much more enjoyable.

I suppose the point is that these conversations are always with my catalyst. I mean, if I were talking to my mother on the phone for such a prolonged period of time I would probably go insane; in a bad way. But really, I suppose nothing can really be said for my sanity as a whole so that was probably a bad word to use. I'm not being funny but a sane person probably wouldn't, or shouldn't, talk on the phone about nothing for such a long time.

What amuses me most, however, is the fact that phone calls don't appeal to me, generally. I am usually one of these people who when required to talk on the phone to somebody manages to make a complete and utter twat out of myself by forgetting to talk. Not very helpful, really.

Anyway, my point is this; Talking to a dragon for a long time about nothing much makes a dinosaur a very happy being. What does make me giggle, however, is the fact that said dragon thanks said dinosaur for said phonecall, when really said dinosaur feels they should be thanking said dragon for said phonecall.

I think we are both grateful for long conversations in which nothing much is gained. I say "nothing much" when I should probably be saying "everything" - being the strange dinosaur I am I realise that my perspective of many things changes whilst talking to my catalyst. I say I realise, I don't actaully seem to realise until afterwards when everything rushes back to normal after the phone has been put down. And now I am rambling, much like I do whilst on the phone. A lot of words with not much progress.


I think the moral of the story is this. Nim does in fact have a voice, if you have never heard it you are obviously not worthy of my time. In which case you deserve to be laughed at. Hah.

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