Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Fuck my liver, as in, my liver is fucked.

My answer to this somewhat problematic issue? Drink myself silly on a daily basis so I don't have to admit it to myself whilst sober. Wow. Nice logic there Nim. Well, it works for me.

I wish people would offer their views on it and then shut up. Or just say nothing.

I know you care, and I know you give a shit but that doesn't mean I will openly admit to caring and giving a shit myself. Nor does it mean I will go and make my suggested doctors appointment. If I'm ignoring my doctors advice, odds are I'm going to ignore yours also.

I don't want sympathy, nor do I want words of wisdom on the matter. I would prefer it if everybody joined in with me and my beautiful facade of not caring for it does make things so much easier. I don't care if you consider it to be an unhealthy way of looking at it, but that is how I intend to go about dealing with it so either join me or fuck off.

I can no longer be bothered with people.

And just for the record. Just because I am not taking my meds does not mean I am in no pain. Constant cramp in ones shoulder gets tedious. I am moody, if you don't like it sod off.

I have some vodka waiting for me.

Goodbye, all.

Happy fucking Christmas.

(I pray God it's our my last)

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