Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Your face resembles an arse.

Gutted in your face/arse.

Yes, well, your arse resembles a face.

So? I'd rather that than the other way around.

I wouldn't, it would mean I'd get a proper close up view everytime I took a shit.

This is a conversation I just had with myself
It amused me. Rather a lot.
I have issues.
I apologise for said issues.

Fake Christmas was bloody awesome. I now own lots of foamy, dinosaur and ben 10 stuff. This makes me quite the happy bean. I ate lots of tasty food. And listened to lots of shitty music. Twas amazing.

Fake Christmas will kick the bum of real Christmas. Maybe the above conversation is between Real Santa and Fake Santa? Who knows.

Today I had to buy the worst bog roll ever because I didn't think I had enough money on me for Andrex. I had to get Tesco Value toilet paper, I got back to my room and discovered there was an extra quid in my pocket. I am so fucking inimpressed.

I have shiny blue drugs. This makes me happy. But I'm not allowed to take them with my codeine. I am in pain. I probably will be for a week. I cannot afford to purchase illegal drugs. FML.

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